About us

Occupational health (OH) is concerned with the impact of work on health and of health on work. It is designed to prevent work-related ill health, and to support businesses in the management of health issues at work, by providing access to impartial, specialist support.

Occupational health can help to maintain a healthy workforce, maximise attendance and productivity, mitigate the risk of health issues at work and assist your organisation in meeting its duty of care and health and safety obligations.

BHSF Occupational Health is based on a unique ideology; we adopt an evidence-based, solutions-focused approach to employee health, and the reports we generate can add real value by expediting return to work, and helping employers to reach decisions in a fair and equitable manner.

We believe strongly in a customer-focussed approach and will work closely with you from the outset to understand the needs of your business, and deliver a high-quality service which is both cost-effective and fit for purpose. Our not-for-profit status means that we can invest in true quality, whilst still maintaining good value for money.

BHSF Occupational Health provides a national occupational health service and with the help of our strategic alliances, we are able to offer a 'one stop shop' for all your occupational health needs, which includes additional services such as ergonomic and physiotherapy, and mental health. Our unique approach can:

  • Provide instant access to occupational health specialists and expertise to support your business
  • Encourage better health and wellbeing management across your organisation
  • Reduce sickness absence and staff turnover
  • Limit the risk of litigation for your organisation
  • Demonstrate a duty of care to your employees, showing you take occupational health and safety legislation seriously
  • Ensure compliance with the Equality Act and Health and Safety at Work Act
  • Assist in making your employees feel valued and cared for
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