Six reasons why flu jabs should be at the top of your HR agenda this summer
Flu season typically runs from December to March, so you may not have thought about it yet. What you may not know is that flu vaccines need to be pre-ordered and can take up to 12 weeks to become fully effective. Also, if you wait until the flu season, vaccines may run out! 
1. At least 10 percent of your workforce will catch it. 
Each year, 10 percent of your workforce will be off work because of the flu. This can be avoided. 
2. It’s not like a cold. Flu will floor them for at least two weeks. 
Research shows that flu jabs reduce the chances of catching the illness by approximately 80 percent. 
3. Absenteeism and loss of productivity will seriously impact your bottom line. 
Paying for your employees’ flu jabs is an investment that will benefit your business. 
4. Employees may feel pressured to return to work still fatigued. 
Presenteeism – when employees turn up to work ill – further impacts on your businesses productivity. 
5. The flu jab takes up to 12 weeks to become effective. 
In order to be the most effective, vaccinations should start well before the flu season. 
6. Wait until flu season starts and vaccines may run out. 
Flu vaccines are always very popular and can run out. Get ahead of the game and book your employees’ vaccinations for September today. 
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