Hiding in plain sight: mental health in the workplace

Revealing the hidden issue, with practical advice on creating a mentally healthy workplace.

"This report showcases the severity of poor mental health in the workplace, and should serve as a wake-up call for appropriate action and strategies to be implemented."

- Dr Philip McCrea, leading consultant in occupational mental health

From this report you will learn:

  • The hidden statistics behind workplace mental health
  • How to identify poor mental health in the workplace
  • The importance of early intervention
  • How you can create a mentally healthy workplace
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Why you should read this:

This report reveals the magnitude of the mental health crisis in the UK. Currently, 40% of all absenteeism can be attributed to poor mental health. This is expected to rise to 70% in five years.

It is vital that employers address mental health in the workplace, and put the strategies in place to support employees. This report explains how to do this, and is set out in four easy to follow sections:

Section 1. Hiding in plain sight:
Understanding the scale

Section 2. Catching employees before they fall:

  1. Prevention over cure - building a resilient workforce
  2. Identifying mental health issues in the workplace
  3. Contributing factors and avoiding a misdiagnosis

Section 3. Tackling mental health in the workplace:

  1. Practical steps for creating a safe environment
  2. When should an employer intervene

Conclusion: Nine steps for creating a mentally healthy workplace

42% of employees call in sick citing a physical illness to mask a mental health issue