Mental health services
Councelling session

BHSF Occupational Health's Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provides a core foundation for organisations in supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

The EAP is a proactive, short-term solutions-focused programme, designed to positively impact the following organisational objectives:

  • To support employees whose work performance and health and wellbeing is being adversely affected by personal or work-related issues
  • To support managers/supervisors in their role of promoting wellbeing and managing conflict in the workplace

An integrated EAP can also be shown to have a positive impact on the following key areas:

  • Performance management
  • Absenteeism
  • Presenteeism
  • Work-related stress
  • Managing change

BHSF Occupational Health is able to develop an EAP or counselling service which meets the specific needs of your organisation; with extensive experience across both public and private sectors, we are ideally placed to develop an effective, value-for-money service.

Our EAP programme will provide you and your employees with instant access to a wealth of support, guidance and expertise across the UK and Ireland.

Whilst the EAP service is appropriate and effective for many organisations, for those working within high-exposure environments such as policing and the emergency services, an enhanced clinical support framework is often required.

BHSF Occupational Heath offers a clinical support package to support and address the more complex cases which frequently arise from the day-to-day exposure to line-of-duty events, usually concerning more serious or longer-term psychological issues.

BHSF Occupational Health's robust and tested model of support identifies and deals with the impact of issues such as trauma, complex bereavement, high stress levels and depression.

Our clinical team ensures that our specialist, psychological treatments are tailored to both the individual's specific needs and the organisation's requirements.

Our packages of support are dependent upon individual need, and include psychological assessments, post-trauma support and longer term psychological interventions such as CBT and EMDR, to resolve work and personal problems such as absence and poor performance.

This service aims to deliver a tailored package of support for those organisations working within high-exposure environments, delivering positive outcomes, ensuring duty-of-care is suitably discharged, and resulting in a visible and positive return on investment.

Critical Incident Management

From time to time, your staff may face a critical incident at work. This could be the unexpected death of a colleague, a serious accident or another event which could impact on the wellbeing of employees at work.

BHSF Occupational Health provides a comprehensive portfolio of services which can enhance your business continuity plans, by helping you to prepare for and respond to adverse critical incidents.

Research demonstrates that organisations who develop support networks, built around the needs of their employees, customers and community, can promote recovery in the aftermath of a destabilising critical incident or traumatic event.

What is a critical incident/traumatic event?

Unfortunately throughout the course of our lives many of us will directly experience or witness extremely distressing events. Critical incidents are sudden, unforeseen, time-limited, extreme and often life-threatening events, which completely overwhelm an individual's capacity to cope and adapt. A critical incident can be a one-off event, or a series of smaller events, which cumulatively can have an equally adverse impact.

What is a critical incident response?

BHSF Occupational Health's critical incident response is an integrated, multi-faceted approach designed to address the psychological and emotional consequences of critical incidents.

The overarching principles of the approach can promote recovery from work-based traumatic events. This is achieved by establishing 'psychological closure' (feeling a sense of settled resolution about the issue), decreasing the likelihood of acute stress disorder, and restoring normal healthy functioning to the benefit of the individual, organisation and wider community.

Be prepared - build resilience

The overwhelming nature of a critical incident means being prepared is a core element of any response. To help organisations develop effective contingency plans that focus on the 'human' aspects of business continuity, BHSF Occupational Health provides three essential people-centred services:

  • Psychoeducational and wellbeing workshops tailored specifically for designated personnel such as Directors, Managers and HR
  • Light touch psychological first aid training for HR, OH and front-line responders
  • Expert crisis response for on-site support or via a telephone helpline
Frontline incident response

During or in the immediate aftermath of a critical incident, we have the capacity to draw on a network of trauma practitioners with a portfolio of key skills and expertise to provide front-line support and guidance. BHSF Occupational Health can quickly provide:

  • On-site trauma support for managers, teams and individuals
  • Structured on-site psychological first aid, group and individual support
  • Crisis response helpline for employees, families and customers
  • Provision of trauma support, psychoeducational material and leaflets
Post-event follow up

BHSF Occupational Health is committed to providing ongoing support to promote employee resilience and sustainable business recovery using services such as:

  • Time limited structured telephone or face-to-face counselling
  • Ad hoc and needs adapted interventions for individuals and teams who may require additional support after an incident
  • Team workshops focused on building resilience and promoting sustainable recovery
  • Training for managers on monitoring and managing distressed employees
  • Specialised evidence-based treatments for Acute Stress Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
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