Workplace assessments
Industrial site

A BHSF Occupational Health practitioner will be able to undertake a workplace assessment on an employee during a visit to your site.

Workplace assessments are usually conducted when an employee is having difficulty carrying out their role, or when they return to work from a period of sickness absence.

Accompanied by their manager, the employee will perform all of the tasks which they would normally be expected to carry out as part of their role, and the occupational health practitioner will assess the functional capability of the employee. This will enable the practitioner to determine what the employee is capable of in relation to their health, what they are currently unable to do, whether they should return to work, or if role restrictions or adjustments should be temporarily applied.

In complex cases, it may be appropriate for the employee to undergo a full clinical examination, and a functional capacity evaluation assessment, to quantify the employee's strength and ability to move freely. This enables the practitioner to objectively compare the employee's functional capability, determined in the clinic room, to the objective data on the demands of their job, and report in detail regarding the employee's fitness to work on specific tasks.

A full report will be provided, which will enable you to determine whether you can make any temporary or permanent adjustments to the employee's role to allow them to return to work, or whether they need to look at alternative solutions. The report will also give an indication as to how long the issues presented may be present for.

The length of time that an assessment takes will be determined by the range of job tasks that need to be reviewed, and the complexity of the issues presented by the individual.

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